2018-19 Highlights

Ohio State’s Alumni Club of Oklahoma had a tremendous year. Congratulations for all the hard work the board and members put in this year resulting in the third consecutive year Ohio State’s Oklahoma Alumni Club achieved Scarlet, which is the highest level for Ohio State Alumni Clubs/Societies.   Thanks for keeping Buckeye Nation thriving in Oklahoma/OKC! Below are some new highlights from this successful 2018-2019 year.

Club Accomplishments

  • Held several Game Day watch gatherings during the football season, a Game Day watch for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, and saw the Buckeye Men’s Gymnastics Team Perform as they took on the Sooners.  Go Bucks!
  • Organized numerous board meetings throughout the year
  • This year, directly due to the generosity of our club members, we awarded $1200 scholarships to two Oklahoman’s attending The Ohio State this fall.
  • We engaged with Buckeye Students volunteering in Norman over their school breaks through Buck-I-Serve
  • We engaged with Ohio State Medical Students stopping through OKC in their Bike4Life quest across the country.
  • We conducted our first Student Summer Send-off with several Alumni gathering to great our New Oklahoma Buckeyes and their families.

Hosted various club outings such as

  • A Buckeyes Networking event at Top Golf OKC
  • A Volunteer event at the Oklahoma City Regional Food Bank
  • A Glass Blowing Event at Blue Sage Studios OKC
  • Special Interest Event at OKC Dodgers Game

Upcoming Events

May 29 6:30pm

OKC Regional Food Bank

Join Oklahoma Buckeyes at the OKC Regional Food Bank on May 29 from 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. for a volunteer focused social! Here we…